Rental Unit Inspection


Protect your investment with a comprehensive rental inspection performed at Move-In / Move-Out. We also offer Periodic Rental Inspection to avoid any pending issues. All Rental Inspections are tailored to meet your needs and budget and offer a detailed property inspection report based on your requirements and all reports provide a written detailed report with images throughout the property with questionable issues carefully documented.
Note: Service only available in Idaho’s Treasure Valley area.

Other Inspection Services


Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold of any kind can be an unseen hazard and potential nightmare and costly to remove. Whenever a tenant reports any leaking water issue or between occupants a MOLD TEST is a good idea and a smart way to protect your investment. The Team at Conquest America is always on the watch for areas throughout the unit for potential mold issues and we have a team that can quickly inspect and setup mold test kits and provide a detailed report of any documented findings. Note: Service only available in Idaho’s Treasure Valley area.

Drive-By Service

For out of state property owners our Drive-By Service can be an ideal way to get an extra pair of eyes on your investment if you feel the is a issue with said property. You are provide written report along with any supporting images of the front of the unit as well as the backyard in it can be accessed.    Note: Service  only available in Idaho’s Treasure Valley area.