Liar, Liar the Challenge when Hiring an Employee

Yes, that’s right, it has been reported that 78% of job applicants flub the facts during the hiring process – › 2020/02/19 

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Your employees are your greatest asset and with the right team, the sky’s the limit. Sadly, one bad apple can tarnish your company, brand, and let’s not even talk about liability and downstream litigation.

The point is the technology is here and all at your fingertips 24/7 giving you access to check, an applicant’s educational background, specialized schooling or skills, criminal background checks on a local, state, and national level, and much, much more.

You simply cannot afford not to take the needed steps as the days of a firm handshake and looking someone straight in the eye is long gone.

Let the team at Conquest America build you a custom profile based on your company’s needs and only pay for what you need and only when you need it.

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